Important Nitrous Oxide Information:


WARNING: Whipped cream cartridges contain nitrous oxide, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. Food use only. Do not inhale the nitrous oxide found in whipped cream charger refills. It may cause serious and irreversible damage to your health, including death. Liss America, LLC is not liable in any way for injuries or deaths caused to anyone, regardless of age, by the misuse of the products found on this website.



Keep in mind that the chargers are under great pressure. Please use in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. Never pressurize a whipped cream dispenser with more than one charger at a time. Non-aerosol. Recyclable steel.  Do not take on board an aircraft. Keep out of reach of children. Explosion danger - 122°F max temperature.



Legal Information:

The possession of whipped cream chargers, or more specifically, the nitrous oxide found in the chargers, is legal in the United States. However, like all products which can potentially affect food safety, is regulated by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


The possession of "crackers" or any other devices which serve the sole purpose of opening a whipped cream charger is outlawed in a number of states, and the sale of such devices is also prohibited. Nearly every state has passed laws making it a crime to inhale or consume nitrous oxide, or possess nitrous oxide with the intent to consume as a street drug. In most states, it is illegal for minors to purchase or possess nitrous oxide. The FDA also regulates the labeling and distribution of nitrous chargers, making it a crime to sell nitrous oxide for the purpose of human consumption as a street drug.




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